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At Spirax Sarco we are proud to support hospitals and we do so with the understanding that hospitals around the world are facing severe and mounting pressures like never before. That is why we’re committed to developing solutions that help hospitals to lower energy consumption, boost performance and ensure patient safety.

We have a long history of supporting hospitals to produce hot water and we are resolute in helping our customers to lower energy and operating costs in the hot water system – helping to ease budget constraints and avoiding waste.


A proven solution designed to ensure a reliable and continuous hot water supply, validated over the past 20 years and now upgraded and enhanced to ensure every single component is working at maximum efficiency. So, in a hot water delivery system where normally there are high inefficiencies - installing EasiHeat will deliver valuable savings, tackle waste, minimise the environmental impact of your hot water generation, and make positive and demonstrable sustainability gains.

New Dual Control Solution

Our new generation EasiHeat brings a major technological breakthrough in control with innovative dual control logic. This advanced feature ensures that the inlet and outlet of the heat exchanger operate in unison, so you get the energy saving benefit that you would from a subcooled condensate control unit, as well as the benefit of accuracy, safety, and responsiveness that would be gained from a steam control unit. The best of both operations – in one EasiHeat package.

Intelligent Monitoring and Control Features

EasiHeat can be inclusive of control systems that enable monitoring, diagnostics and communications across steam plant and packaged systems. The technology delivers meaningful energy management and system performance data to the user allowing optimisation of the steam system and subsequent efficiency improvements.

Instantaneous hot water on demand

Another benefit of EasiHeat is the removal of storage - as it provides instant hot water on demand. This further improves the system energy efficiency by minimising radiated energy losses and only heating the water that you need at the time you need it.

Removing these large storage tanks also clean up your plant rooms and free up floor space, making them safer and eliminating vessel inspections and maintenance.


World Class Heat Exchangers

EasiHeat is equipped with next-generation T-Series heat exchangers from the world leader in heat transfer technologies, Alfa Laval;

Features include:

  • CurveFlow™ distribution area - Improves media flow and minimizes risk of fouling.
  • OmegaPort™ noncircular port holes - Enhances media flow and thermal efficiency.
  • FlexFlow™plate design - Improves thermal efficiency and optimizes pressure drop utilization.
  • Offset gasket groove - Ensures plate utilization for maximum heat transfer efficiency.


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What you get with EasiHeat

  • Constant supply of instantaneous hot water at a stable temperature ✔
  • Accurate control and responsiveness under all load conditions to drive optimum performance ✔
  • Energy management and system performance data for optimisation of the system ✔
  • Easy access and interrogation of data, such as energy consumption and CO2 emissions ✔
  • No water storage tanks - it's instantaneous ✔

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